Keyboard shortcuts & Run commands

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Here’s some list of Keyboard shortcuts in Windows

Run Menu
Windows key + R
Switch between windows
Alt + Tab
Maximize window
Alt, Space, X
Minimize window
Alt, Space, N
Task Manager
Ctrl + Shift + Esc
System properties
Windows key + Break
Windows key + F
Hide/Display all windows
Windows key + D
Ctrl + C
Ctrl + X
Ctrl + V

Type this commands on Run box
Run Box (Windows Key + R) or Start Run

= Register Editor
devmgmt.msc = Device Manager

Full details..

Boy, 8, becomes youngest IT professional

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Marko Calasan, from Skopje, the capital of Macedonia, has become the world’s youngest certified computer system administrator.

“I’d like to be a computer scientist when I grow up and create a new operational system,” he said.

Marko, whose favourite subject at school is mathematics, learnt to read and write at the age of two, which was when his interest in computers began.

The news of his achievement has turned him into a celebrity in Macedonia.

His mother Radica, 37, said that her son displayed “exceptional learning abilities at a very early age” and that she and her husband, who run a computer school, call on Marko to help solve technical problems when they crop up.

Full details..


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GoDaddy hit by a DDoS attack

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(News from: Domain name registrar and web hosting provider, was hit by a DDoS attack on Wednesday affecting thousands of its shared hosting customers for several hours. GoDaddy’s Communications Manager Nick Fuller confirmed the attack originally speculated to be an “outage”, and responded to several questions about it.


Q: Was Wednesday’s “outage” an actual DDoS attack, and if so, how severe was it?

A: Wednesday, Go Daddy experienced a mutating type of DDOS attack.



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History’s Most Beloved Gadgets

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Almost everybody who checked out Palm’s eleventh hour comeback pitch at CES 2009 loved it, and the almost universal fawning over the Pre set me to thinking about other gadgets that have received universal love or, like the high school over-achiever, had so much success that love was not needed.

Palm Pre

It’s not available yet, and won’t be for some time. We don’t even know what it will cost. But the reaction so far says that Palm has a winner on its hands in the cute little smartphone. So successful have these first days been that there is even a new class of product in the gadget hack press — the “Pre Killer”.




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How to choose a Domain Name

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Domain Name Tips
You may wish to consider the following tips:

Technical Constraints:

  • Do not use an ampersand ‘&’. Technically, it is illegal, so you should also avoid ‘and’.
  • Do not use apostrophes. Technically, it is illegal and therefore the use of an apostrophe is not permitted.
  • Do not start or end with a hyphen (-).
  • The permitted characters are: abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz 0123456789-
  • All characters are lower case.
  • Do Not:

  • Do not panic!
  • If possible, do not use hyphens.
  • If possible, do not use numerical characters.
  • If possible, do not use mobile phone text message abbreviations.
  • If possible, do not use ‘2’ for ‘to’, ‘4’ for ‘for’, ‘u’ for ‘you’ and ‘ur’ for ‘your’.
  • Do not try to be too cool by using deliberate spelling mistakes. It’s just not kool!
  • If possible, do not pad your domain name with unnecessary words like ‘the’, ‘ltd’ and ‘company’.
  • Details..


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    Window$ XP go faster

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    Services You Can Disable

    There are few services you can disable from starting automatically, to speed up your boot time and free resources. Click: Start -> Run and type services.msc

    Some possibilities are:
    Application Management
    Fast UserSwitching
    Human Interface Devices
    Indexing Service
    Net Logon
    Remote Desktop Help Session Manager
    Remote Registry
    Routing & Remote Access
    SSDP Discovery Service
    Universal Plug and Play Device Host
    Web Client

    other tips on “how to” your XP go faster.. (if you still using XP.. lol :p )

    SOON!!! 😀

    or if you have one post it here.. Thank you!!


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    The Google Linux desktop has arrived

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    (News from: Google has been slowly, but surely, displacing Microsoft as the number one PC technology company. Google has done it by misdirection. Instead of taking Microsoft head-on in desktops, Google first consolidated their hold on Web search and only then started moving into Web-based desktop applications. Then, in 2008, they made their first direct strike at the desktop with the release of their own Web browser: Google Chrome. Now, Matthaus Krzykowski and Daniel Hartmann, founders of the stealth startup Mobile-facts, have found that you can take Google’s smartphone operating system, Android, and use it as a desktop operating system.

    In fact, the dauntless duo found that it took them only “about four hours of work to compile Android for the netbook. Having done so, we (Daniel Hartmann, that is) got the netbook fully up and running on it, with nearly all of the necessary hardware you’d want (including graphics, sound and the wireless card for internet) running.” In short, they found that Android was already a desktop operating system.


    How to install prebuilt Java in Ubuntu

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    On Ubuntu 8.04 (Hardy Heron), do one of the following:

    • On the Gnome desktop (Ubuntu):
      • In the main desktop menu, choose “Add/Remove …”
      • In the “Show” toggle box, select “All Open Source Applications”
      • Search for “OpenJDK”
      • Select the “OpenJDK Java Runtime” (openjdk-6-jre)
      • Confirm the installation of community maintained software
      • Press the “Apply Changes” button


    Invalid Update Control CTF File on AVG Anti-Virus 8.0

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    If you encountered this kind of error while updating your AVG anti-virus.

    Check this out, on how to fix it.

    (from AVG-forum) You need to rename/remove the CTF temp files in C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Avg8\update\download…. Dont delete all the .bin files in there unless you want to re-run all updates since your original installation (reinstallation seems to cause a problem in IEs Link Scanner which causes IE to Crash). Only rename/remove the avginfo files that end with .ctf.

    just delete those two .CTF files in that folder to fixed the problem.

    Windows 7?

    News Comments Off on Windows 7?

    let’s talk about Windows 7..

    click here for more info..

    still want to know about the released date?, click here also..

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